Live caricaturist Corinne Sutter

Vivid, impressive live caricatures

Corinne Sutter is a funny, charming caricaturist who catches in a few minutes the typical features of her model! The Swiss artist started with her first jobs at the age of 18 and had worked as live cariccaturist since. She's drawn over 10'000 people, some of them artists as Sido, Milow, Marla Glen and Calexico. The use of chalk and coal allow her to draw faces with shadows and details to get very specific results. 


Lasting memories

No matter if you're planning a corporate event, a wedding or a christmas party, Corinne's live caricatures will guarantee a positive, fun atmosphere. Same as a piece of papier, this kind of entertainment has two sides: Both the model as the audience are being entertained. While drawing, multitasking Corinne talks to her model and interacts with the people around her.

Find impressions of Corinne in action here.




Speed Painting Show

Welcome to the world of colors!

A speed painting show by Corinne Sutter always mesmerizes the audience. She paints in different techniques and styles, her specialities upside down, ambidetrrous and invisible.

Interested? You can choose between existing shows of prominent personalities as Albert Einstein or Roger Federer. Corinne also offers custom speed painting shows which take around 3-5 days to prepair.


Interested? Read here the most important informations about Corinne's Speed Painting Show (show rider, material, costs)


Impressions of speed painting shows















Topical live cartoons


Speaches, participations in discussions

Give your meeting or conference an other perspective, enrich the discussion by inviting a creative, unconventional thinking brain as Corinne Sutter's. This can be initiated by a short introduction of her, followed by a 15 min speach about motivation, failure and her definition of success. She loves art, but nothing catches her interest more than to rapidly capture facts to detect flaws, and to turn them into chances to improve any situation given as progress, product, workflow, efficience or personal relations.


Topical live cartoons video sequences 1:57 / 5:15 / 5:30 / 6:22

Sutter turns speaches, discussions and podium talks into catchy cartoons to both improve understanding, memory and turn it into an entertaining happening.

"Keep it symbol."

(Read loud and you'll understand.)

Thanks to a retrospection through pictures and words at the end of a session she provides an improvement of the audience's memory.

'A picture doesn't say a thousand words.

But it stays longer.'


She is usually working at meetings, conventions or trainings.

















Creative workshops

Creative, informative and entertaining!

Corinne Sutter is a trained teacher. For over 10 years she's given workshops for companys, kids, students, teachers, retired people. These are the most common subjects she trains her course participants.

  • Drawing comics

  • Drawing  faces and caricatures 

  • Painting workshop: over 30 unconventional creative painting techniques to get free of uncertainty, old negative concepts and fears, to get to know new possibilites, abilities and even passions.

  • Memorising through sketches: turning spoken and written words into fast, simple sketches and cartoons to improve text comprehension and retentiveness .

  • Individual workshops : Corinne did many specific workshop and she's happy to create yours!

Be surprised - about yourself!



























Projekte und künstlerische Kooperationen

In arts, there is no limits. I hate limits. I love arts.

Artistic collaborations:


GREEN CROSS / GLOBAL GREEN: Donation of the CHF 10'000.- through the auction of the painting "TreBligg". In summer 2016, youths studied a theater to the subject of nuclear catastrophes after 5 years of Fukushima and 25 years of Tschernobyl. Corinne Sutter helped them to create a placard.

SURFACE AMBASSADOR: Digital live caricatures at a fair. Media and custom event to the slogan "See behind the Surface", Talking and drawing as Ambassador, presentation of the art car.

ART CAR "The most reflective car": Corinne Sutter painted a BWM i8 to the subject of climate change, following the slogan "See behind the Surface". The project had been initiated by Peter Böhler, LIWREA. The art car is exhibited at the Autobau Romanshorn. More information here (German).

ART ENGIADINA: The Swiss artist took part at the international sculpture symposium Sur En with sculptor Daniel Cotti. Interview on RTR

BROMER KUNST: Bromer Art Collection inscened the Art Car, watch the Making of and music video here.

TERRE DES FEMMES, opening event: Corinne draws the guests in the other sex.

MANOR: Visit of the biggest 5 stores during the "back to school" campaign, Christmas crafting for the Theodora foundation.













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